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What Is SPAA?

The SPAA is the premiere, not for profit "Speakers, Publishers & Authors Association " a membership organization founded in 2007, by a group of nationally acclaimed Professional Speakers, Publishers & Authors.

The SPAA is dedicated to providing ongoing training, professional speaking opportunities and resources to all members who are interested in developing or enhancing their speaking, publishing & writing skills, while providing equal opportunities for the professional publication & marketing of their works, entrepreneurship opportunities, professional recognition and more.


SPAA's primary goal is to prepare, empower & provide its members with an equal opportunity to make positive contributions to the speaking, writing, marketing & publishing industries regardless as to their religious, socio-economic, racial, educational or handicap status.

SPAA's mission is to provide equal access to professional forums, training and resources to individuals & groups who are interested in creating, or enhancing speaking, writing, publishing and marketing of their respective works.

SPAA's clear vision is to maintain a position of authority & leadership as the premiere professional speakers, publishers, marketing & writing association by consistently providing innovative concepts & technology, economical and efficient means of developing, marketing and producing these works on both a national and international level.


The SPAA provides a variety of professional speaking, writing, marketing and publishing programs & services exclusively to it's members, including but not limited to the following;

  • SPAA Monthly Speaking, Marketing, Publishing & Writing Workshops & Seminars
  • SPAA Combined Local & Regional Training You recently hired a new team member
  • SPAA National Creative Speaking, Writing & Marketing Competitions
  • SPAA Compensated Training & Development Opportunities
  • SPAA National Members Loan Assistance Programs
  • SPAA Speaking, Writing, Marketing & Publishing Incentive Programs


SPAA Associate Member, SPAA Member, SPAA Certified Speaker, Publisher & Author (CSPA*Earned Letter Designation),SPAA Preferred Professional Speaker. Publisher & Author (*PPSPA)

* If You Want To Hire A Professional Speaker, Trainer or Consultant, Call Us!

* If You Want To Become A Professional Speaker, Author or Publisher, Call Us!

For Details About Membership or Monthly Training Call 1-866-990-6772, or email , write us at The SPAA, Inc. P.O. Box 22, Park Forest, IL. 60466

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The SPAA provides a variety of professional speaking, writing, marketing and publishing programs & services exclusively to it's members ...
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